Friday, June 27, 2008

First Post

Hey everybody! Well, I finally caved. When blogs were created, I told myself that I would never create a blog because I thought people who blogged were sad, shallow people that just sat inside all day typing on their keyboard, never to see the light of day. Well, now that my life has pretty much stooped to that level, what with not being in college and working in IT, I figured it was only appropriate that I fold and create my own blog. It's not as sad now as it used to be I guess, because everyone's got one of these things now, right? Right?? Oh well. I have been kicking the idea around for quite some time now, mostly because I feel like I have some great rants inside me that never find their way into people's ears. If nothing else, this blog will relieve the stress that I suffer from on a nearly daily basis because of other people's stupid actions.

So let's start it off. I read an article a while back on Gizmodo about irresponsible shipping. It's a short article with just a couple of pictures of companies that ship things in ridiculously wasteful packaging. I thought this was great, because I do a lot of online shopping and I have noticed that Amazon and other companies like Newegg also do this from time to time. Well, I have a good one for you. I ordered a USB flash drive from the other day. And this is the package it came in:

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Newegg. I ordered the item Thursday and picked standard 3-5 day shipping (which was free by the way) and it arrived in 1 day; the item was also on sale (4GB flash drive for $15), but seriously? I was expecting the package to come today and I still didn't know what this huge thing was when I saw it sitting on the table when I got home from work. This isn't the first time this has happened to me either, but I unfortunately don't have any other photos as proof (the other time, Amazon was the culprit). Anyway, I just think that this is incredibly wasteful and companies should be more aware of this when fulfilling orders. I'm not a go-green, environmentalist crazy either, but this is a little ridiculous. Anyway, I gotta run and make dinner now; let me know what you think of this in the comments though! (Yes, I just correctly used a semi-colon).

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